Leader Training 2019

2019 CLYL Training 


​Would you like to become a Certified  Laughter Yoga Leader on
November 9th and 10th, 2019, with Laughter Yoga International?

Become a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader (CLYL)Whether you plan to start your own Laughter Yoga Club, offer sessions in businesses and health centres, or share more laughter with friends and family, this weekend will immerse you in the joy of laughter. Graduates receive a Certificate from Dr. Madan Kataria’s Laughter Yoga International.  The training is presented by the Centre for Mindfulness Canada. ​

At this two-day Training you will discover:

  • Laughter’s physical, emotional and social benefits.
  • How to simulate and stimulate laughter.
  • Stress-relieving techniques that deepen creativity and build resilience.
  • The philosophy and history of Laughter Yoga and fundamentals of leading a laughter session.
  • How to lead your own community Laughter Club or Laughter sessions (healthy-workplace, healthcare, seniors etc.).
  • Laughter yoga exercises that will bring more happiness and connection in your personal/professional life.
  • How to connect people with optimism, health and healing through a wonderfully playful, scientifically-proven form of exercise.
  • How to practice Laughter Yoga alone.

What is Laughter Yoga:

Laughter Yoga was created in the mid-1990s by a Physician from India, Dr. Madan Katria with the support of his wife Madhuri Katria – a yoga teacher.  It is a unique exercise routine which combines unconditional laughter with yogic breathing (pranayama), and playful exercises and activities. Anyone can laugh without relying on humor, jokes or comedy. Laughter is initially simulated as a physical exercise while maintaining eye contact with others in the group and promoting playfulness. Laughter yoga has quickly grew as a grassroots social movement of independent laughter clubs, promoting the ideal of a non-political, non-religious, non-racial, non-threatening, and non-competitive voluntary (simulated) approach to laughter. It has spread to over 100 countries.

Sat./Sun., November 9th and 10th, 2019  (9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on each day)


Centre For Mindfulness Canada (CFMC),
#107-3711 Delbrook Ave, in North Vancouver


Before the training begins, you need to have attended at least two Laughter Yoga sessions.  If you have not attended a Laughter Yoga session, you can join me in the monthly Free Laughter Yoga session in North Vancouver.  Otherwise, you can take a class in any other laughter yoga club in the city (here is great link to listings by city).    And, if you still can’t attend two classes locally before the weekend training, you can try this phone laughter yoga club 


This training is presented by Centre for Mindfulness Canada. Facilitator for the weekend training is Dr. Kasim Al-Mashat, with guest presenter (Seia Roots) on Sunday afternoon. 


Dr. Kasim Al-Mashat (PhD, Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher)
counselling background and interest in mental, physical and emotional wellness led him to Laughter Yoga in 2007. Kasim trained with Dr. Madan Kataria, the founder of Laughter Yoga, and became a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher.  His work in Laughter Yoga has caught the attention of media including North Shore News, Maclean’s magazine, Simon Fraser University News, Global BC Television, Vancouver Courier, and TELUS Optic TV.   He also led a Laughter Yoga session in English Bay after the Mayor of Vancouver (Gregor Robertson) proclaimed July 13th, 2017, as the official Day of Laughter – in honour of the artist who created the
​A-maz-ing Laughter sculptures. 

Guest presenter: 


Seia Roots is Laughter Yoga Teacher, Laughter Wellness Teacher and Community Educator with the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA). With a lifetime passion for and dedication to expressive healing arts, Seia is delighted to share Laughter Yoga as a skill for improving and maintaining mental, physical, creative, and spiritual health and healing. Seia regularly attends and leads Laughter Clubs and sessions. You can reach Seia at seia@thesmilingyogi.com

Training Fee

The fee for the course will depend on when you will register.  Here are the fees: 

1.  Early Bird Fee (Register by October 7, 2019). 
  • Individual tuition $395 total

2.  Regular Fee (Register after October 7, 2019):
  • a)  Individual tuition $495 total
  • b) Sign up with someone for the Group Rate (i.e., 2 or more people) and get 20% off Regular rate, fee becomes $396 each*

3.  Are you a previously Certified Laughter Yoga Leader (CLYL) by us?  If so, you can join us for the fun training weekend.  The rate if you are a CLYL:
  • a) For Saturday only it is $125 total.
  • b) For both Saturday & Sunday, it is $197.50  total (i.e., 50% off the lowest tuition rate). 
  • Note: Sunday only is not an option.

*​ Friend Special Fee above only applicable for two new registrants in the training (i.e., not a returning leader with a new registrant).

Payment Options
  • Interact e-transfer (preferred), cash or cheque
  • Checks and e-transfers are payable to “Centre for Mindfulness Canada”
  • Do you have questions?  Please contact us at info@centreformindfulness.ca for questions or instructions on how to send the interact e-transfer or where to mail the check to. 
  • Receipts will be provided under “Centre For Mindfulness Canada” and not “Dr. Kasim Al-Mashat” as this weekend training is not considered a Psychological Service. 

​Cancellation Policy and Fee:  

Cancellations are subject to $50 fee.  On the off chance that the training is cancelled or postponed due to unforeseen circumstances, registrants will receive an email to this effect no later than 7 days before the training.  Travellers – please ensure accommodations/transportation have cancellation policies with flexibility before your booking.